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My calling has always been towards health and fitness and I’ve been in the industry now for over 21 years… Wow! At this point I should probably say that makes me feel old but the truth is it doesn’t, I absolutely love my job and am frequently reminded of how gratifying a career in fitness has been for me both physically and mentally. I’ve been privileged to teach an array of fitness styles and witness many changes of training methods over the years.


Leaving school at 16 I completed a three year Beauty Therapy & Hairdressing qualification which touched on fitness and dance in one of the final modules, I was completely inspired and I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I subsequently gained several qualifications including Exercise to Music, Gym, Trampolining and Aqua Instructor. I started teaching in local swimming pools and fitness clubs and it was whilst teaching at one of the children’s trampolining sessions that I was approached by the Head of Department at a Manchester based collage about adapting my skills for students with disability.

I completed my Certificate in Education to become a college lecturer and spent 10 years developing and delivering a sports programme to students with moderate to severe learning needs, then onto a Middleton based college delivering to mainstream students and private courses. I still enjoy delivering a limited number of dance and fitness sessions to local schools, pre-schools and colleges.


I had a 6 year plateau when my focus turned to my husband Lee and our growing family of three beautiful baby girls (different type of exercise) but now as our little ones no longer want me to dress, feed and bath them and frequently remind me “I can do it myself mum!” I’ve been able to turn my focus back to my career.


As you can imagine 15 years of pounding my body and producing 3 little ladies has taken a toll. I decided a more controlled and holistic approach would be beneficial to strengthen and care for my body without the impact I’d previously experienced, so my focus has been exercise that is more functional and productive for day to day living. I found myself inspired by a local instructor Gillian Thomas who was well respected in her field of Pilates and Back Care and advised me to branch into her world of Pilates.


From here, my many clients have become the next part of my journey, I’ve found the happy & supportive environment of Rochdale Pilates Studio to be my home. As my knowledge in Pilates grows I’ve  become more interested in combining exercise and relaxation methods that strengthen both body and mind. The rewards I am experiencing with this form of exercise are already having a positive influence in many aspects of both my private and working life.

I’m currently in the process of completing a yoga qualification and hopefully will be launching new classes towards the end of the year.





  • L4 Certificate in education 

  • L2 Adapting fitness for adolescents 

  • L3 Pilates 

  • L3 Personal training 

  • L2 ETM

  • L2 Gym

  • Circuits

  • Barre Pilates 

  • Pilates for men

  • Stability ball

  • Brainfit workout

  • Yoginis Children’s yoga

  • Zumba

  • Zumbatomic (Children’s sessions)

  • Spinning

  • Aqua 

  • Health, Safety and Welfare

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