Reformer Pilates Circuit & Personal/Small group sessions.

Have you heard of a Reformer? It has supports, straps, springs for resistance, and a bar and a carriage that is pushed back and forth.


Reformer Pilates is designed for people of all levels of skill, strength, and flexibility. From a novice to exercise with back problems to a trained athlete, the reformer is for all bodies.

No matter your fitness level, if you’ve never taken a Reformer class before, we like to show you personally how to use the equipment to maximise your workout. The machine looks like quite the contraption, but it is not as intimidating as it seems. Reformer Pilates is like a flexibility class, mindfulness session, and total body workout all in one.  Reformers provide resistance but also assistance and can help any body regain movement, control and balance. They really have to be experienced to understand their amazing benefits!

Reformer Circuit class offers the best of both worlds. An incredible workout on the reformer as well as an array of mat work with props such as the magic circle, foam roller and stability ball. All of which challenge strength and flexibility to ensure an incredible well-rounded workout, maximum 6 participants per session. Classes are £15 or 4 for £50.


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Small group and 1-2-1 sessions- Our instructors offer small group and 1-2-1 sessions on the Reformers by request. Please contact us if you would like a personal session directly via email,

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