Pre Natal

woman working out while pregnant for a fit pregnancy

Pregnancy Pilates is a great workout for expectant mums who want a slower controlled approach to exercise.

Pilates will strengthen you from the inside out, focusing on the deep stabilising muscles, helping to reduce the risk of developing lower back pain, which is quite common in pregnancy.

Pilates will help improve or maintain good posture, condition the deep abdominals, which will help you carry the weight of your baby.

Regular attendance at Pre-natal Pilates class is likely to help get your abdomen back into shape after baby is born.

Class Places are limited so booking is essential.

If you have a query or concern then please email or call Gillian who will be happy to help.

Pregnancy Pilates Tuesdays 6.45 pm starting 25th April until 23rd May

£42 for course of 5 classes

Course payments are non-transferable, if you are unable to make one of the 5 classes, every endeavour will be made to get you to another class within the same 5-week block. But this is not guaranteed


Email or call/text 07434 914459