Real Men Do Pilates

‘Real Men Do Pilates’

The benefits may vary, but most people – whether you work in an office or a building site- find that building Pilates into their fitness regime gives improvements in a number of areas, including muscle strength and control, balance, posture, flexibility and injury prevention.

Some men think it’s easy. It’s technically difficult, requiring you to achieve and maintain good form and posture while moving through a range of exercises. It requires continual mental and physical effort as you focus on correct muscle engagement and activation, often across several muscle groups at the same time.

It’s physically hard, too. Your muscles will burn, and your limbs will shake, and yes, you will sweat.

Pilates exercises alone won’t necessarily help men to ‘bulk up’. But the improvements in flexibility will help increase your range of movement through many compound lifts (squats, deadlifts etc.), while the increase in core control will enable you to control more weight through this range – thus helping you build muscle mass in the gym. Pilates will also keep your body balanced and the muscles working correctly, helping you avoid injuries. If you can’t lift because you’re injured, you can’t improve your physique.

Pilates is focussed on improving posture and muscle function. The aim is to lengthen tight muscles that pull the body out of the ideal posture and to strengthen the muscles that hold the body in good posture. For example, to help alleviate lower back pain, the hamstrings and hip flexors need to be stretched and the lower abs and glutes will need to be activated. We then use more ‘functional exercises’ (e.g. squats) to train the body to maintain good posture whilst moving. The same principles apply to postural issues in the upper back and shoulder.

Some men may feel that they’d rather go for a run, play football or rugby or even lift weights at the gym but Pilates enables men to do these activities to the best of their physical ability.

So whether you are a man and want to give Pilates a go or the wife, mother, girlfriend of a man who moans he has tight muscles or needs to be more flexible, get in touch and book your class today.


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