Core stabilization for those who Ski

If you are an avid skier or are hitting the slopes for the first time this year, core stabilization is your tool to a better performance.

By focusing on correct core muscle engagement, Pilates exercises helps a skier to focus on allowing the movement to start from the centre of the body and move outwards. The result is a stronger and more adaptable skier with improved body awareness and proprioception.

By practicing Pilates, you can expect to develop a strong core, improved balance, and agility.

As any keen skier will tell you, preparation and pre-ski training should focus on;

1) Correct core stabilization (recruitment of the transverse abdominus)

2) The importance of pelvic stability with dynamic activities - whether exercising in a gym before your ski holiday or skiing in deep powder

3) Mobility and flexibility of key muscles in skiers that tend to get tight, improperly used, or overused due to other muscle imbalances.

Skiers also run the risk of many different injuries. In particular the knees. Pilates helps skiers really focus on a dynamic and full range of motion and the strengthening of the hamstrings, which can help balance overused quads as well as serve as back up support for the ACL (anterior crutiate ligament) in the knee.

By attending a class at Rochdale Pilates and Yoga you will most definitely aid your skiing or snowboarding performance. By using a range of mobility and strength exercises we will assist you to safely prepare for the ski season. Due to increased core strength and awareness, even if you clip your skis and fall over – hopefully your obliques will assist in a graceful recovery to a standing position to start again!


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