I took my first class 6 weeks ago suffering with a variety of degenerative illnesses, struggling with pain and limited movement. The improvement in both these areas has been phenomenal. Staff and members are friendly and very supportive. Amazing instructors, enjoyable friendly classes, professional friendly team of instructors. They have a vast knowledge of medical issues which members present with. They personalise exercise to suit individual member’s needs. I’m so glad I found Rochdale Pilates and Yoga Studio and would recommend it to anyone. Gaynor Evans

Gill provides good advice, encouragement and a warm welcome at each class.  She gets to know each class member and adapts exercises accordingly.  Each week the work-out is different; you don't get bored at Gill's classes.

Elaine D

Rochdale Pilates has without doubt improved my overall ability to stay fit and enhance my quality of life.  Since joining the group in January 2015 with a 20 year recurring back problem I have noticed a massive reduction in back related problems and my everyday job as an engineer has improved immeasurably.  Many thanks Gill

Andy Dell

Having returned from my annual Christmas cruise, I stepped onto the scales as I always did. I’d put on a few pounds but had gone over 14 stone. I wasn’t initially too concerned as I knew that once I was back in my routine I’d shift those few pounds. However, towards the end of January 2017 I decided that I wanted to lose weight. A familiar story….you might say. New Year resolutions that you never stick to! This time was different and I felt more determined and ready for the challenge. I made the decision to try a personal training session. I knew Taira from Pilates so I approached her and asked if she would be able to book me in for a session. Little did I know from that moment how much that decision would impact on my life for the next 11 months.

I was extremely nervous at the first session as I did not know what to expect. The session started with a warm up and continued with a series of different exercises-using weights and some cardio. It was tough! Taira told me that I’d probably be aching in the morning and for the next few days. OMG….WELCOME TO DOMS! I could hardly walk the day after…every muscle ached. Trying to teach PE was a challenge – I couldn’t even bend down to pick up equipment! I knew it would be like this for a few sessions until my body adjusted to the shock of exercising so intensely. At the next session Taira weighed and measured me. I’d already decided that my target weight loss was 3 stone by December. So we came up with a healthy eating and fitness programme that would fit into both our busy work schedules.

The first thing she asked me to do was to keep a food diary. The following week training was still hard but I didn’t feel as achy over the next few days. We looked at my food diary a week later and although I wasn’t surprised I was shocked at the volume and calorie intake. We looked at some changes that I could make quite quickly and easily. Training continued on a weekly basis for about 6-8 weeks and at first there was very little weight loss, but on the positive side my recovery between sessions was getting better and I began to push myself a lot more.

We then moved training to Saturday morning before my Pilates class and as I became more committed to the sessions we looked at adding in another one. Taira quickly realised that she could push me harder and gradually the intensity of the sessions increased. Yes I did moan and complain…..but to no avail! Every Saturday we had a weigh-in and although it was slow at first the scales were going down. I achieved my first one stone weight loss by May. People began to notice and that gave me more determination to push on. I was hooked and I looked forward to each training session as they were never the same.

I had a bit of a setback for about 4-6 weeks due to tendonitis in my Achilles and whilst it slowed me down, it did not deter me. Taira adapted the sessions accordingly and we carried on. Weight loss during this period was steady so we added in an outdoor session- just for a bit more of a challenge! Taira was really pushing me hard now as she could see that no matter what she threw at me, I was determined and motivated towards my goal. The second stone seemed to be coming off much quicker, probably because I’d got into a routine with my eating habits and exercise regime. Even going on holiday did not deter me as I did a lot of walking and kept an eye on my food…..despite the occasional treat!

After my holiday in June, it became noticeable that my weight loss had slowed down slightly. Taira set me another target of being under 12 stone by the end of June. This meant a 5lb weight loss in 3 weeks. This was the first time that I’d began to doubt myself, but throughout this journey I have had an incredibly supportive network of friends who kept me going. My Saturday morning Pilates class were amazing and there for me every week. They were so pleased for me after every weight loss…I

owe them a lot. Thanks guys.

As I stepped onto the scales on 8th July I was incredibly nervous….had I done enough? 11stone 13lb! I was so happy; all the hard work had paid off. Under 12 stone for the first time in a long time. I even bought a new pair of jeans….size 14. Don’t think I’d been that size since I was 14 back in the day!

After returning from holiday in September Taira and I sat down to discuss the next part of the journey – how to reach my target weight by December. We decided to up the number of training sessions and I focused hard on eating healthy. I was now even more determined than ever as I could see the finish line.

December 9th 2017 – a date I’ll never forget. I stepped on the scales surrounded by all the girls from Pilates. I was so nervous. As the numbers bounced around they finally came to a stop……11 stone exactly. I burst into tears and gave Taira a big hug. I’d done it…..3 stone and 4lbs and nearly 3 dress sizes. I cannot truly describe how felt. From that first daunting training session until the final weigh in…..amazing.

I went on my annual Christmas cruise determined to have a bloody good time….and yes I did smash loads of cake but I didn’t care because I knew come January 2018 I’d be “all over it” again. Now here we are 12 months later-I haven’t lost any more weight but nor have I put on. I still continue to eat healthily…ish but I do allow myself an occasional treat! I look at what I’ve done and feel immensely proud and I hope an inspiration to others who may be looking to embark on their own journey.

I want to say a great big thank you to everybody who has followed my journey…..and especially to Taira, who still to this day puts up with my moaning and groaning in each session(all of which falls on deaf ears I might add as she says “one more”!). Just do it!

Michelle Whitehead

Saturdays Stability Ball Class


The class Deborah delivered was excellent based on the 12 days of Christmas.


There was lots of variety within the theme she had obviously put a lot of time, thought and practice putting this sequence together it wasn't easy however we all enjoyed the class.

Julie Godley

Went to my first ever yoga session this morning and absolutely loved it was challenging but the instructor Tiara was amazing so helpful and supportive to show me what to do and how to do the poses...

Already booked in my next session!! Going to keep at it and carry on with this as I really enjoyed it... feel so energised after my first session!!

Highly recommended to all and also guys it isn’t as easy as it looks Be in for a good sweat as it does work your muscles!!



Zaiyn Arshad


Rochdale Pilates has changed my life after having my back broken in 4 places the sessions with Gill & Peggy have allowed me to go out and do things which I wasn't able to do for 12 months,

Kathryn Thompson

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