Beginners Pilates

Beginners Pilates Mat class is perfect for those brand new to Pilates or for those who haven’t been in a while. You will learn all the basics, including breathing technique, posture and balance, as well as introduce you to some basic Pilates exercises. This low-level class focuses on the fundamentals building a safe foundation to take you forward on your Pilates journey.
Best For; Those new to Pilates, those with back issues, those looking for rehabilitation after an injury.

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Mixed Ability Pilates

A mat work Pilates class, suitable for all abilities, focusing on a series of movements which incorporate strength, flexibility and mobility. The exercises are progressive and safe, allowing you to work at your own pace with emphasis on technique and individual progress. Hands on correction is available ensuring you progress through the exercises safely.

Best for;  All levels of ability including beginners and those who have been attending a while.

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Intermediate Pilates

This Intermediate Pilates workout is perfect for those of you who have mastered the basic Pilates exercises and are ready for a challenge.

These moves will strengthen your body from every angle — strengthening your core, increasing your flexibility and improving your posture. Think a faster paced class or a multi-leveled class giving you more opportunities for progressions.

Best for: Those who have been coming for a while and want to challenge themselves,

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Beginners Yoga (Hatha)

This is the perfect class for beginners who want to learn the fundamental poses in yoga. In this class, we move in and out of poses slowly, with strong focus on safe alignment, and breath.

Practicing Hatha yoga, will allow you to develop strength, mindfulness and flexibility over time. There will be extra attention to detail, with occasional hands ­on assists, helping you to find a little more ease and comfort in your practice.

Best for; Our Gentle Hatha is recommended for all.

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Mixed Ability Yoga (Vinyasa)

This is a mixed ability class starting with mobility exercises before building into a flow. Dynamic in nature, this class aims on uniting movement with breath. This class focuses on as we purposefully transition and hold each asana (posture), giving your body time to engage with each muscle and move further into each posture.

Breathing techniques and relaxation will be a regular part of each class as we explore the power of slowing down and moving with grace. 

Best for: This mixed ability class welcomes those with little or lots of yoga experience.

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Power Yoga (Ashtanga)

This style of yoga involves doing specific sequences of Ashtanga Yoga poses, which are done in a continuous, flowing, fast-paced manner. You move swiftly from one pose to another, timed with every inhale and exhale.

Best for: Ashtanga Yoga is typically recommended to those who prefer fast-paced and more rigorous styles of yogic practice. It's not that you really have to do the poses quickly after one another, but the flow of the poses is definitely more challenging than in regular Hatha yoga practices.

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Yoga4Fitness concentrates on movement, breathing, transitions from one posture to another and progression. There is no spirituality attached to Yoga4Fitness, postures are described from a pure fitness perspective. We adopt a mindful method of teaching that reflects the Buddhist traditions of Yoga but in a more contemporary and social environment.

Best for: Suitable for all levels from beginners to those with a little experience. Not recommended for those with back issues.

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Mama-Lates (Pre and Post Natal Pilates)

Our Pre/Post natal exercise classes last around an hour and involve bonding time for you and baby but primarily focus on YOU, the mama. Our classes will help you recover and heal gently, but effectively. At the end of each class, we take time to ''Rant and Relax'' Mama Reals motto is ''Sometimes it's about the mama''. Self care is so important after having a baby and we pride ourselves in providing a community of like minded mamas who want to strengthen, tone and exercise but with baby by their side.

Best for: Mamas to be and New Mamas!

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Tai Chi 

Tai Chi and Qi Gong have many proven benefits for health and have been subject to many scientific studies. The benefits of Tai Chi & Qi Gong are endorsed by health experts worldwide. Tai Chi & Qi Gong promote good health and wellbeing. The gentle exercises reduce stress, induce a calm inner feeling and help to keep your body in tune.

Best for; All but many people with existing conditions benefit from the gentle movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The exercises can be of particular benefit to people suffering from arthritis. 

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Body Conditioning

There’s no set routine for a Body Conditioning Class, but you can expect a thorough whole-body conditioning workout, improving strength, stamina and overall physical functionality, expanding the Pilates exercises to challenge and inspire even the most experienced client. For the injured client, it will help them keep fit while rehabilitating old injuries and preventing new ones.

Best for;  Those who want to sweat! Think fitness meets Pilates and with a whole lot of laughs thrown in!

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Equipment Pilates 

This pick and mix class uses Pilates props and is different each week! It’s a great workout for the whole body, using all the major muscle groups, toning, strengthening & improving muscle endurance, flexibility and of course balance, the body is constantly adjusting to remain balanced, this improves posture & alignment. The abdominal muscles and back are worked together to strengthen the core, its also great fun!

Best for: Those who want to 'mix up' their Pilates workout to stay engaged and those who wish to challenge themselves.

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Body & Mind Class

This mindfulness practice, through simple repetitive movement opening and realigning the upper body chest and back, encouraging us away from that 'hunched over' stressed posture is put to an amazing, uplifting soundtrack. Included is a mat based Pilates segment and a guided meditation.

Body & Mind class is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, anxiety, and well-being.

Best for: This class is perfect for those wanting to quiet the mind chatter through movement, Pilates and relaxation.

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