How many times did you hear your mother say that? Well maybe we should have listened

Poor posture will throw the body out of its correct alignment, so certain muscles become overworked, while others, such as the stomach muscles, start to weaken through lack of use. This can cause undue stress and strain, especially on the lower back

Research suggests that at least half the adult population report lower back pain for at least 24hrs, at some point in the course of a year.

There are many factors that cause lower back pain; for example how we carry loads, bends twist, sitting for too long and poor posture.

So how can you tackle the problem? You should incorporate some kind of movement and functional awareness training into your training programme, such as Pilates to help prevent muscle imbalances occurring and to keep the back flexible and strong.

Pilates differs from many traditional exercise programmes as it focus both on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight areas. Its focus is on good posture and form.

Pilates can also help with genetic and injury related conditions, when applied by a qualified instructor who understands how to develop and tailor an exercise specific to your body and capabilities. It will make you look, feel and move better.

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