Mama Real

Rochdale Pilates would like to welcome Mama Real classes to our Studio. The brain child of one of our regular clients Michelle and in partnership with Taira,  Mama Real classes combine fitness with a baby class. Working with consultant midwife Keri, Michelle and Taira currently have three classes to offer pregnant mamas and new mamas in our ground floor studio.

Mama Real offers relaxing and rejuvenating sessions especially designed for mamas and their new babies. We offer various exercise classes where baby is by your side side and is also an integral part of your sessions and your new life as a new mama.

Our exercise classes last around an hour and involve bonding time for you and baby but primarily focus on YOU, the mamaBecoming a mother often means your body and mind have gone through significant changes, regardless of your birth story or approach to parenting. We provide an informal atmosphere meaning you can break away to care for baby when needed.

Mama Reals’ motto is ”Sometimes it’s about the mama’Self care is so important after having a baby and we pride ourselves in providing a community of like minded mamas who want to strengthen, tone and exercise but with baby by their side.

Our classes will also help you recover and heal gently, but effectively. At the end of each class, we take time to ‘Rant and Relax’, where we either practice relaxation techniques or just discuss what life is like as a mama, eat biscuits and chat with other mamas just like you .

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