Free Style Fitness Yoga


Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY) is a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength & Yoga postures to promote a powerful physique, endurance and flexibility.

For those taking part in an FFY class  expect to improve  strength and flexibility and  expect to see the benefits within 8 weeks. 

You will learn how to understand your body and begin to move more effectively and efficiently, improving posture, self-awareness and confidence. 

FFY concentrates on movement, breathing, transitions from one posture to another and progression. 

There is no spirituality attached to FFY, no chanting or use of Sanskrit terms – postures are described from a pure fitness perspective. 

We adopt a mindful method of teaching that reflects the Buddhist traditions of Yoga but in a more contemporary and social environment,

We avoid prescription of extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion in favour of individual strengths and performance. 

During FFY moves and postures can be sequenced together to the beat of the music making transitions seamless and graceful.

FFY is an excellent prescription for a total body programme where flexibility is often the weakest link. 

Like all group exercise, it can be taught in many different levels to suit all age ranges and abilities, but it is not recommended during pregnancy or for those with diagnosed back conditions.

Monday 9.45 am


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