Pilates class

Pilates Mat Classes

 Pilates Mat classes are great for strengthening the ‘core’ (including pelvic floor, deep abdominals, back and glutes), but also for toning and rebalancing the rest of the body. Classes are either beginner, mixed ability, or Intermediate.  Exercises are modified to suit individual strength, ability and any physical limitations. We focus on correct breathing and alignment and students are encouraged to ‘listen to their own body’ and not push it beyond where it’s comfortable.

Apparatus Pilates Circuit Classes

Pilates Reformer

A challenging and fun class, using the reformers, Stability Chair, and tower. We only take 6 in this class to ensure everyone gets close supervision.

Other Classes

Yoga class

Yoga – Monday 9.45 am, Tuesdays 11 am , Wednesday 9.45am, Thursday 8 pm, Friday, 11am,  and Sunday 10.15 am


Fast Class to Fitness – Starting Monday 20th August 2018 at 5.30 pm

Circuits – Saturday 10.15 am 

Body and Mind – Monday 8 pm and Wednesday 11 am starting week commencing 3rd September


Classes  are held at Rochdale Pilates Studio  217 Bury Road, Rochdale OL11 4EE