Back Care Pilates

Back Pain

Back Care Pilates

More work days are lost through back pain than any other ailment. Other than prescribe painkillers and rest there is little that a doctor can do. In fact what you need to do is “stay active”, but this is the last thing you want to do when in pain. 

Causing a constant drain on your energy and restricting your ability to move freely, back pain often leads to you altering the way you walk, sit and stand and can eventually restrict you from walking out of your front door. The feeling of isolation and becoming dependant on others can be frustrating and ‘Staying Active’ can seem the lowest of priorities when just getting out of bed in the morning can take all of your energy.

So what causes back pain? Well, there are multiple reasons but one of the most common is related to bad posture and an imbalance of your core muscles. The Pilates Back Care Course can help you tackle these problems. Whether you are suffering, recovering or just wish to prevent back pain, this is the program for you.

Taking it slowly we guide you safely and effectively through the exercises. So whether you want to just make daily tasks more achievable, you have a fitness goal or would like to get rid of back pain forever try this gentle Pilates Class and see positive results

6 week  Course £60

Wednesday 6.45 pm 

Starting Wednesday 5th September – 10th October

Thursday 9.45 am

Starting Thursday 6th September – 11th October

or email or text 07973197716/ 07434914459