Pilates for Football and Rugby

Pilates for Football and Rugby

Many top footballers and rugby players are using Pilates as a way of improving co-ordination, mobility and flexibility. Players find it is a wonderful tool for recovering from injuries, as well as preventing them in the first place. These elements are all individually focused on by each Pilates instructor in our Pilates Mat classes. They are the key benefits to regularly attending a Pilates classes at Rochdale Pilates and Yoga Studio

In the quest for the winning edge, modern footballers and rugby players will often latch on to any number of fitness techniques. This is especially the case if they believe it will help them where it matters most – on the pitch. Both codes of rugby, in particular, exemplify this thinking. Pilates exercises have long been incorporated into both preparation for matches and rehabilitation after injuries. In fact, the Welsh Rugby Union is among the high-profile advocates of Pilates.

Football managers such as Arsène Wenger of Arsenal, meanwhile, have long preached the crucial importance of stretching, suppleness and flexibility. These are the very things that Pilates does best. Indeed, Pilates exercises should be used more widely than they currently are.

At Rochdale Pilates and Yoga Studio we offer small group Pilates Reformer Sessions. These sessions bridge the gap between traditional Pilates (historically not the most appealing discipline for the average rugby player) and circuit/weight training, and combines the best aspects of each form of exercise.

Reformer Pilates also combines highly focused Pilates moves designed to activate and strengthen local muscle systems, with dynamic functional movements for the global muscles (think squats and lunges using weights). All performed under expert supervision on a state of the art Pilates reformer machine to improve core stability and flexibility, typically problem areas for rugby players.

With both football and rugby demanding rapid directional changes often at near-maximum pace, an inflexible physique and spine is unhelpful. Rugby forwards must also possess the ability to deliver controlled power from the unbalanced body positions adopted in the scrum. A Pilates programme can greatly improve general mobility and enhance core strength.

It is well known that hamstring tears are also common in both sports. A properly qualified Pilates instructor, such as our teachers at Rochdale Pilates and Yoga Studio, will always expertly tailor each Pilates programme. This ensures that we are focusing on the stabiliser muscles of the pelvis (the buttocks and groin muscles), and this helps to prevent hamstring tears.

Here are Rochdale Pilates and Yoga Studio we help both Rugby and Football players to embrace a Pilates routine that benefits their respective sports. We offer small group Reformer Sessions and can offer private sessions for teammates too. Get in touch to discuss your personal requirements for you and your team.


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