Spring Cleaning…how to work out while you clean!

It’s spring cleaning time, and if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to scrub the bath or hoover up, you might want to think about it as a workout and use the opportunity to burn some winter calories!

Proper housework, the sort that calls for real elbow grease and hard graft can provide almost as decent a workout as any gym session however we’d advise you consider your posture and ensure your back health before you go heavy lifting or cleaning out cupboards!

The bingo wing buster: heavy-duty window cleaning

Window cleaning works the biceps, triceps and shoulders, helping to tone the upper arms and banish bingo wings. A 30-minute session will raise your heart rate and burn around 125 calories.

You can take your window cleaning workout up a notch by applying heavier pressure when you polish and by stretching to clean the harder-to-reach places. Don’t forget to clean outside as well as indoors to maximise the exercise.

The body stretcher: top-to-bottom dusting

You can apply stretches you do at Pilates and Yoga to dusting! You can also stretch your joints and help keep them supple by dusting the house from top to bottom.

Dusting entails a lot of stretching, squatting, crouching and standing on your toes, which all help protect and promote joint health. And all that stretching and so on should burn around 100 calories an hour.

The tummy toner: whole-house vacuuming

Believe it or not, vacuuming makes for an effective tummy toner – the forward and backward movements you make when you’re hoovering work the abdominal and oblique muscles to a T, not to mention the arms and shoulders.

Make sure you use the tool end brush to add extra resistance and aim to do the whole house in one session – hoovering for half an hour burns around 90 calories.

Just make sure that you are considering your posture and range of motion whilst you are working. We will not be held responsible for oven cleaning injuries! I’d say get the professionals in for that one!

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