The Importance of a Well Fitted Bra

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Many lower back issues can stem from poor posture and for us ladies who nearly always carry extra weight on the chest than the Gents; this can be a real issue. So the importance of a good fitting bra is essential.

There have been many times I have been itching to honk ladies bra straps up to pull their boobs away from their hips, but if the bra is badly fitted, then it isn’t much help.


  • The importance of wearing a well fitted bra are many – apart from the fact that your clothes will look better and you’ll gain confidence you’ll find your posture will improve. Also you will minimize health problems such as neck and shoulder pain and headaches. Wearing a well fitted bra can also help breathing and digestion problems.
  • Bras come in over 100 different sizes (16 per back/band size) it’s important to find the correct size and style for you it’s worth popping into a specialist shop for a fitting, many specialist shops do not charge for a consultation
  • Your bra size changes over time due to many factors including age, diet, weight and hormones its worth getting checked at least once a year
  • Bras on average last 6-12 months after than they lose their ability to support you properly

Some pointers on doing a self-check are:

  • Ensure your bra doesn’t ride up at the back and sits firmly below your shoulder blades and (if it does you are wearing a back size that is too big for you)
  • Straps should be adjusted that you can slip two fingers under the strap and bounce slightly (if your bra straps constantly fall down its because you are in the wrong size bra)
  • On wearing a new bra fasten it on the loosest setting at the back and as you wash and wear it the material with lose elasticity you can then move it to the middle and then to the tightest
  • When you raise your arms above your head your bra should stay anchored and not rise up if it does you are wearing the wrong size bra
  • The fullest part of your bust should sit between your shoulder and elbow when wearing the correct fit bra
  • The central gore of the bra should sit flat to the chest and the wires should go underneath the bust and not sit on breast tissue at the side.


There are many different styles of bras including balcony, plunge, moulded, padded, push up, full cup, soft cup, front fastening, maternity and sports bras to name but a few. Your dress, breast tissue or personal preference may determine which style works best for you.

There are different types of sports bras depending on what type of sport you are partaking in and your bra size, all good sports bras are made of material with wicking properties which allow moisture to be drawn away from the skin.


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